Our Process

We import wood from all over the world and have access to all kinds of specialty species that you can choose from including many exotics. We hand build all our tables and carefully finish the wood slab to feature every knot, grain line, and natural characteristic of the live edge. Every perfect imperfection of the wood is preserved as we bring out the tree’s natural beauty.

Though we do offer some tables immediately available, many people order custom pieces. Simply select your wood type, size, and leg style. We will work with you on a one on one basis to ensure you get the quality piece that you’ve envisioned. If you are not an expert on wood types and colors, don’t worry! We will work with you to select the best wood slab that embodies your personal design style.

Wood Preparation & Care

We sand and plane and hand work our tables to be flat, then finish them using sustainable, low maintenance finishes. Softer wood species, such as redwood, may dent or scratch easily whereas walnut and oak are more durable. However, many of our customers prefer a rustic, “well loved” look and often keep dents and scratches intentionally. When cared for properly these tables they can last for generations. Clean using a damp lint free cloth.

Wood types